Monday, September 9, 2013

Truly Green Picnic Table Project

I just wanted to share a little about this fun DIY project I've been working on with a little bit of help from Babygirl. She loves being outside on our patio -- she brings out her toys and waves to all the neighbors! I'm so glad that she prefers getting fresh air over sitting in front of the TV, and I wanted to make sure she had a special space for her activities.

I also wanted it to affordable and safe for Babygirl and the environment. So I found a gently used table at our local Goodwill (rather than spending a lot of money on something brand new and letting a perfectly good piece go to waste), and got to work transforming this basic, battered picnic table...

Just a little sandpaper to help even out some of the scratches (Babygirl enjoyed rubbing and helping out with this step!), and then some paint. I was so excited to find a brand of VOC-free paint made in the United States from Earth Safe Finishes. I don't have to worry about the chemicals leaching into the air Babygirl breathes while she plays, and the soft mint color reminds me of gelato :)

I still have to find time to complete a second coat and then seal it (also VOC-free!), but Babygirl is already enjoying her new spot. Our green picnic table is the perfect place for working on puzzles, enjoying breakfast, or practicing a future career as a surgeon!

What projects have you been up to? How do you make them healthy for your little ones and our world?

Happy hobbying,
The Yuppie Hippie

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