Saturday, June 22, 2013

5 Tips for Getting Great Yard Sale Finds

Babygirl and I spent this gorgeous sunny Saturday morning outside perusing the deals at neighborhood yard sales. Who doesn't love an excuse to play with toys outside, get some fresh air, and oh yes, a set of Melissa & Doug puzzles for just $7! That's less than the cost of a brand-new single puzzle :)

It's only a bit scratched up, but can you believe it was not missing a single piece? Here's a few tips to help you enjoy your own yard sale exploration:

  • Get up early - This is actually more of a problem for me than for Babygirl! But with so many yard sales starting around 8am, you need to rise and shine for the best selection, before other buyers make their way to the sales. Sometimes things will go for less near the end of the sale, so keep that in mind too if you're just looking around for fun finds.
  • Know what you're looking for - This helps you hold back from over-spending on impulse purchases. Personally, I've been out looking for patio furniture, puzzles, a "new" VCR (how else am I supposed to enjoy my Disney Classics collection?), and a waterproof digital camera (it could happen!).  
  • Remember to bring cash - This one is based on my own mishaps. I have become used to using a card, even at the farmers' markets these days. Luckily, the family we bought the puzzle from was willing to take a check. Next time, I will plan ahead and remember to stop by the bank!
  • Be patient - Take your time looking through the finds. It's fun to see what little surprises you might come across! I find Babygirl is also calmer and happier when she can enjoy walking around without feeling rushed.
  • Look for neighborhood sales - Multi-family yard sales offer a greater selection of goods without getting in and out of the car. Save yourself the time and conserve gas!
And if you're not into the hunt and spirit of the yard sale, but you love the toys made from natural materials, please consider shopping through and use the code YUPHIPPIE to benefit Healthy Child Healthy World!

Thanks for reading! What are your best yard sale shopping tips? Share with us in the comments!

Happy hunting,
The Yuppie Hippie

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