Sunday, September 29, 2013

Why I Celebrate Half-Birthdays

Am I crazy for wanting to celebrate my little one's special day? Or even for calling her half-birthday a special day? Maybe a lot of people wouldn't get excited about a little one turning 18 months old, but I want to make as many fun memories for Babygirl as possible.

My mom was always acknowledging our half-birthdays with outings for ice cream or picking up Cookie Monster cupcakes. I'm so happy when I can look back and reminisce over the extra 15 opportunities I had to let loose and share with her. And I still love a good treat (perhaps a little too much!). So in continuance of my mother's tradition, I want to enjoy more bonding activities with Babygirl! And I just want to make sure I have fun with her while she's still a bit of a baby.

So, this weekend, we got up and had a fun outing to Frying Pan Park! Abby got to practice mooing at the cows and digging in the dirt like a chicken.

And we discovered the cutest baby farm animals of all -- peachicks! Little baby peacocks, that is :)

Even after our visit to the farm, Abby still wasn't ready for a nap. So we started mixing up some banana bread with whole wheat and a whole lot of chocolate!

I think it is pretty obvious from the above photo that I am not a baker, but Babygirl doesn't seem to mind. Happy half birthday, babe!

Enjoy every day!
The Yuppie Hippie

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