Monday, January 20, 2014

How to Have a Happy New Year

Happy (belated!) New Year! I've been wandering.

First I wandered away from regular blogging to balance between my final semester, working full-time, and celebrating the holidays with family.

Then I stayed wandering, a little bit reflectivity, to relax and enjoy the weeks when stress began to evaporate. Life is good. I live fortunately, whether or not the people around me may sometimes seem to live more. I am going to think positively, and "embrace the moment" whether intense, enjoyable, or not really eventful or ideal.

So, I start by leaving you with a suggestion to keep a Gratitude Journal -- start jotting down the little pleasant moments of each day, the sunny memories that enter your mind, and little favors you are granted.

Look, you can even spend an evening cutting up magazine pages and making a fancy cover!

This is an activity I began doing on another New Year's a few years back, and it has been rewarding to resume. I am grateful that I decided to allow myself time to do this again! (See, and I wrote it down so I can read & rejoice later! ;) )

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