Wednesday, August 28, 2013

6 Family Time Quick Fixes

I love having fun ideas for activities on deck, because you never know when you'll find some time off together in the evening, or get ready to go in the morning with time to spare. It's helpful to have calming, exciting, and loving opportunities in mind to enjoy together without having to worry about materials or set up. Here are some of our favorite options for a quick fix of family time!

Watch for ducks and geese

Go Fishing

Work on a project together

Hit the swings!

Read a book

Play in a fountain

We are still having so much fun, and I am so grateful I have the pictures to give me a smile at work! I can't wait to see what Babygirl, her daddy, and I get into this evening!

What quick, fun activities does your family do together?

Relax & enjoy,
The Yuppie Hippie

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