Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Natural Teethers

So, I'm fairly certain Babygirl has some new teeth coming through. I say that because she is having a tough time sleeping, and keeps trying to chew on corks (Laying around the house for crafting purposes, not because anyone is drinking wine midweek. Nope, definitely not.). I'm glad that she seems to favor a natural material for relief, but corks can come apart into little pieces if they're chewed. I wanted to share some time-tested, safer teethers that have worked for our family.

Number one on my list comes from my grandma: stick a wet rag in the freezer, and bring it out for baby to munch on. Make sure it's clean and only used for your little one, like these organic bamboo and cotton washcloths.
And my great aunt is very passionate about the benefits of a frozen waffle. Like the cloth, it provide quick, cooling relief, but it has a little more flavor. And its shape is easy for little hands to hold and manipulate!
Wooden spoons are not only great for banging pots and pans (oh, and baking), but my favorite mixing spoon from my sis-in-law is also great to grind gums on. Talisman Designs also makes adorable mini spoons, all using sustainably harvested beechwood that baby might be able to hold more easily.
If you want to set aside something special or buy a great baby shower gift, this natural wooden ring rattle is ideal. It has a smooth, wooden surface to mouth and play with, and there are no dangerous paints or finishers to worry about!

What teething methods have mothers in your family suggested? What's worked best for your little one? Share with us in the comments!

Peaceful teething,
The Yuppie Hippie

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