Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Where to Recycle Unusual Objects

Did you know Virginians produce approximately 10.3 million tons of trash in a single year? And we import even more to be stored in our state's 15 mega-landfills that cover a total of 15 square miles, with garbage stacked up to 500 feet high! Many of these items often contain substances that can be hazardous to human health when they are leached into the soil and our waterways.

We can reduce the amount of waste we generate by choosing reusable rather than disposable items, and avoiding unnecessary purchase of products and packaging. But we all use items that are difficult to dispose us - so how can you safely dispose of them?
  • MOM's Organic Market locations (including the one on Elden Street in Herndon) are hosting free electronic recycling through Sunday, June 30th. Just drop off any of your old or unused equipment in the boxes outside the store! Throughout the entire year, MOM's will also accept cell phones, batteries, compost, corks, and other materials.
  • Residents of Fairfax County can drop off hazardous materials such as household cleaners, paints, fertilizers, gasoline and herbicides at the Household Hazardous Waste Drop-Off Site at 4618 W Ox Rd, Fairfax, VA 22030
  • Loudoun County residents can recycle several types of plastics, glass and other containers and materials at Loudoun County Recycling Drop-off Program 400 W. Laurel Ave, Sterling, VA 20164
  • For readers outside the Northern Virginia area, please check out the search feature at Earth911 to find a recycling center near you!
Have you had success recycling any difficult items? What do you think could encourage use of more effective recycling programs?

Happy recycling!
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