Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Book Nook - fun, eco-themed boardbooks!

Welcome to the first edition of a regular feature here at The Yuppie Hippie - the Book Nook! This week, I have selected two adorable boardbooks to be shared with young readers. I know Babygirl has really enjoyed them! Both of these books are available for purchase at the links below, or you can request a hold for them at the Fairfax County Public Library.


Eco Babies Wear Green is a fun book from the Urban Babies series. Playful pictures poke fun at the environmentally-friendly choices these babies make, illustrating simple sentences such as "eco babies save water" and "eco babies eat local." A fun introduction to building both early literacy skills and conservation awareness!

Green Start: The Five Senses teaches children about the wonders of the natural world through imagery and sensory language. The Five Senses also walks the walk while talking the talk, being published on recycled materials! This could be enjoyed by preschoolers and lower elementary students, and perhaps be used to inspire writing about your little one's own sensory experiences outdoors.

I hope you enjoy these selections! What other books would you recommend to introduce young readers to green ideas?

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