Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Best Day Ever!

Sometimes, I feel like I am not dedicated to the betterment and beautification of our world enough. I wonder, Am I doing enough? I know that I am capable of being more, but I feel like maybe I am not participating in a lot of activities or being active in causes I believe in, because I am also responsible for making sure my sidekick, Babygirl, is safe.

After all the violence associated with Occupy protests, I hesitated to rally in DC this weekend for Walk for our Grandchildren and #NoKXL. I thought I might help remove invasive plants at Runnymede Park, but then I worry (or pretty much know for sure) that my little one will wander into a patch of poison ivy.

So, until Babygirl is a little bigger, I am resolved to coming up with other ways to promote my values and ideals. I guess one thing to do is stop moping about lost opportunities, and teach my little one to appreciate the wonders of the world by having the best day ever! I completely did not plan any of these activities, we just went with the flow and ended up having a perfect time together! Hopefully these kind of moments will resonate with Babygirl, and inspire her to treasure and protect the resources that provide them.

How we have the best day ever:
  • Wear sundresses in bright colors!
  • Pick up local, certified organic produce at the farmers' market to inspire my husband's culinary genius
  • Rehydrate, re-energize, and treat ourselves to juiced watermelon and great conversation at New Family Naturals juice bar
  • Go swimming with family and friends!
  • Eat blackberries wearing nothing (except a diaper)
  • Feed the ducks at the lake
  • Read a new book
  • Play outside during a summer rain
  • Snuggle up and tell someone how much you love them :) 
  • Make a list of things to be grateful for!
I think I might be teaching her right! Either way, we are definitely enjoying the wonders of the world. How do you show your little ones the best day ever? Definitely share your tips on this very important topic ;)

Have the best day ever,
The Yuppie Hippie

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