Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Finding Your Family's Rhythm

My husband recommended I do a blog post on the topic of bringing harmony into the home. I was actually very flattered, because I am often worried that I am not doing enough to be a good contributor in my family roles as wife and mother. It's nice to be reassured of your efforts once and awhile! Here are my tips for bringing good vibes amongst family members:
  • Be grateful. How great does it feel when people notice the little things you do? My husband makes the best snacks so often that I often forget to thank him. But I don't want him to think I take them for granted! Step up the frequency of your kind words, and always let your family members know they're appreciated!
  • Compliment one another. Does your spouse look great in their new shirt? Did your little one solve a tough puzzle? Let them know you noticed their something special, and always acknowledge hard work and effort. After all, positive reinforcement is one of the strongest ways to encourage repetition!
  • Communicate your needs. Let fellow family members know when you have needs or expectations that are important to you. If no one knows you need extra rest to cope with stress or time for a project, it's not fair to be upset when your wishes are not met.
  • Be open and understanding. Listen to each other's requests for personal time, and be relaxed when discussing possible compromises and adjustments to established family routines. My husband let me know how he likes to sleep in on weekends, and now I enjoy special morning time with just Babygirl and myself. And when she's worn out for a nap, she gets special snuggle time with daddy, and I can do homework! Everybody wins!
  • Try, try again. Establishing any new habit takes practice. Continue your loving-kindness attempts, and watch your family become more relaxed, content, and happy :)

Very relaxed & content!
Best wishes!
The Yuppie Hippie

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